adjective &noun variant spelling of Sassanian.

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  • sasanian — Usage: usually capitalized variant of sassanian * * * Sasanian var. Sassanian a. and n …   Useful english dictionary

  • Sasanian — I. adjective see Sassanian I II. noun see Sassanian II …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Sāsānian dynasty — or Sāssānian dynasty Persian dynasty (AD 224–651). Founded by Ardashīr I (r. AD 224–241) and named for his ancestor Sāsān (с 1st century AD), it replaced the Parthian empire (see Parthia). Its capital was Ctesiphon. The dynasty battled the Roman… …   Universalium

  • Sasanian kings* — ▪ Table Sasanian kings* name reign years defeat of Artabanus V (Ardavan) 226 Ardashir I 224–241 Shapur I 241–272 Hormizd I 272–273 Bahram I 273–276 Bahram II 276–293 Bahram III 293 Narses 293–302 Hormizd II 302–309 Shapur II 309–379 Ardashir II… …   Universalium

  • Sasanian dates established on direct ancient evidence — ▪ Table Sasanian dates established on direct ancient evidence event reign years Seleucid era Christian era accession of Artabanus (Ardawan) V 1 212/213 inscription of Khwasak at Susa names Artabanus king of kings 215 birth of Mani 5 527 216/217… …   Universalium

  • Sasanian family tree — Marked are the Sassanid rulers who all reigned the empire at one time. Sasan + Ardashir I (226 240) + Shapur I (240 272) + + + + | | + + + | Bahram I Hormizd I Narseh + + Bahram II Hormizd II + + Bahram III + + + + + Ardashir II Shapur III + + +… …   Wikipedia

  • Rostam Farrokhzād — Sāsānian Empire c.600 CE.: For the character in the 10th century Persian epic Shahnameh or Epic of Kings , see Rostam. Rostam Farrokhzād (رستم فرّخزاد in Persian) ( 6?? 636/7 CE ) was the Ērān Spāhbod ( Spāhbod of Iran , Commander of the Army of… …   Wikipedia

  • Ardashīr I — ▪ Sāsānian king flourished 3rd century    the founder of the Sāsānian (Sāsānian dynasty) empire in ancient Persia (reigned AD 224–241).       Ardashīr was the son of Bābak, who was the son or descendant of Sāsān and was a vassal of the chief… …   Universalium

  • Yazdegerd III — ▪ Sāsānian king died , 651, Merv, Sāsānian Empire       the last king of the Sāsānian dynasty (reigned 632–651), the son of Shahryār and a grandson of Khosrow II.       A mere child when he was placed on the throne, Yazdegerd never actually… …   Universalium

  • Ardashīr II — ▪ Sāsānian king flourished 4th century       king of the Sāsānian empire in ancient Persia (reigned AD 379–383). During the reign of his brother Shāpūr II, he had been king of Adiabene (now a region of northeast Iraq), where he took part in the… …   Universalium

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